Frequently Asked Questions


We want you to have a happy learning experience and get the most out of the teaching material. Our heart is that through studying with us, you gain deeper understanding of the Word of God. We are here to Equip the Saints for the Work of Ministry.

How do I know what courses I should study?

Go to our website and have a good look through all the courses on offer. Read the information and make an informed decision.

Click on question for drop-down answer.

Does RWBC offer study credits and discounts if I have studied at other Bible Colleges?
Credits are not automatically given. Please put your request in writing and provide us with your previous credit hours, subject matter and copies of certificates received from your past college/s, transcripts and any references and contact numbers, then email the information to
Does RWBC offer academic credits for Leadership and Administration?
Do I have to have a Matric in order to study through RWBC?
If I commit to studying and for any reason, out of my control, I am unable to pay toward my studies what happens?
Can I continue to study if I am not earning an income?
What is required on the STUDENT INFORMATION RECORD?
What happens after I have emailed my application form and paid my deposit?
If I am not able to register online, what should I do?
How can I pay for the course if I do not have a bank account?
Can I pay for the Counselling 1 sections separately?
Can I pay off for my course/s and do you charge interest?
Can I pay for each course as I progress and will I still earn my Certificate in Ministry?
Do I go to a campus to write my exams?
How do I get my material?
Can I have my study material posted to me?
How long does the marking of my exams take?
When will the study material be emailed to me?
Do I get all the study material up front?
If I have paid for a whole course up front, will I receive all the course material so that I can plan my study time?
Will I receive the exams with the study material?
Will I write exams for all the courses?
Should I print my material?
How can I access my study material regularly if I do not have internet at home?
Who do I speak to if I want to ask questions about the course content?
If I want to start my own RWBC college campus how do I do this?
If my application to start a RWBC college or campus is accepted what is the next step?
How do I become a facilitator?
When I have passed the facilitator exam what happens next?
How will I market my college?
Do I need to be a minister or leader to start my own campus or college?
Has the course material been translated into other languages?
Does your college have a code of conduct on plagiarism?
How many hours should I spend on my studies?

If you have questions, please go to our Contact us page and send an email. Or email us directly on We would love to help you