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Our study material is designed to train our students in Practical Ministry.

During training students are involved with various types of Ministry, which helps prepare them for their future Ministries.

Qualified students are ready to establish Ministries and take up other Ministry positions.

Our graduates go and take the Harvest and make disciples and thus fulfill the Great Commission.

Free Trial Teaching: Eschatology – Matthew 24.

Course Diagram

Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology= Certificate in Ministry + 
Pastoral Counselling+Leadership & Administration

Associate Degree in Pastoral Counselling
= Certificate in Ministry + Pastoral Counselling

Certificate in Ministry
= 7 Short Courses
1. Christian Foundations, 2. Understanding the Bible,
3. Spiritual Beings, 4. Prayer, 5. Inner Victory, 6. Spiritual Gifts 7. Prophets Manual

All our courses may also be taken individually.

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We partner with churches and community leaders through training them to facilitate our certified courses, so that they can plant and operate Revealed Word Bible College campuses. Our training is exciting and relevant.