RWBC Fellowship of Bible Colleges (FBC)

FBC is a voluntary fellowship of likeminded independent Bible Colleges, which fulfil the Great Commission by assisting Churches to establish and manage independent Bible Colleges. We share Biblical teaching resources with our members, so that they can effectively train their members to become ministers of the gospel, who bring in the end-time harvest and make disciples of them.

Revealed Word Bible College

 We are passionate about training the Church, so that as the body of Christ we will reach our full potential in Christ and be obedient to His command in Matthew 28 to go and make disciples of all nations.

All believers are called to ministry, and we play a role in activating the church, both corporately and individually to fulfil the call of God in our lives, through equipping through practical training for ministry, which is Christ centred.

Students grow in character and in faith. It is not just about knowing the Word; it is also about understanding it and living it. We present our courses in an informative way interesting and easy to understand yet is still the meat of the Word.

Our study material is designed to train our students in Practical Ministry.  We endeavour to bring you Bible training of the highest standard in the most convenient way.

Christian character, the call on your life and the anointing of God are the main requirements for ministry. Bible college is about studying the Bible as a preparation to go into ministry. Ministers need to be equipped in the Word in such a way that they are transformed and gain knowledge which they can effectively apply in ministry.

Qualified students are ready to establish Ministries and take up other Ministry positions. Our graduates go and take the Harvest and make disciples and thus fulfil the Great Commission.

We present training which is of top international standard and is relevant and practical. Campuses are established primarily but not solely at Churches. We train leaders to manage colleges and certify them so that they can use the materials supplied by us to train students. We strive to maintain high quality standards at affordable prices. Our programs are straightforward and easy to implement. Campuses are required to adhere to our standard operating procedures. The regulations are not burdensome and do not take much time. This also helps us to maintain our accreditation.

We are certified by Christ for the Nations Institute association of Bible Schools, Dallas Texas to accredit students and colleges. This is a Christian accreditation.  We recommend that students who are looking for secular accreditation go and study at schools which offer such accreditation.


Training, Preparing & Sending Workers out to bring in the Harvest and make Disciples.

The idea of launching a bible college was born on the mission field. We saw the need for training leaders, who would be able to step into what God has called them to be. After much prayer, this amazing journey began in September 2014 when Revealed Word Bible College (RWBC) was conceived, branded, and born.

Our goal was to establish a bible college that would produce and deliver quality theologically sound, relevant teachings which are well presented and practical to the people wherever they are, at an affordable price,

It has been an exhilarating journey, a time of rapid growth. With an incredibly dedicated team it took 15 months of hard work and lots of fun to complete the first teachings. The process included researching, writing, typing, editing, checking, printing, and training campus personal. We launched our first campus in Kenya in February 2015.

Since the first day we have felt the leading of Holy Spirit and have been amazed at the results. We started with campuses at various locations and have established more than 40 campuses in eleven countries.

It soon became apparent that not everyone could not attend campuses and we added distance learning which has increased the size of our footprint. We introduced home studies, where we email students everything that they require to study including the notes. We then launched online studies.

The internet enables us to reach more students who want to be trained to be effective ministers of the Gospel. This platform enables students who have access to the internet to study wherever they are and in their own time.

We receive a continuous stream of amazing testimonies, as our students and graduates step up into ministry. When our students are qualified, they are equipped and ready to go out to establish Ministries or to take up other Ministry positions. We send them with all the tools they need and our Blessings.

Our graduates are taking the Harvest and making disciples and thus fulfil the Great Commission.

RWBC Africa

RWBC Africa is managed by Strategic Missions under license to Revealed Word Bible Institute, which is a division of International Missions, Sheridan, Wyoming. We provide training up to bachelor’s level via correspondence and partnerships with campuses to African countries. We offer post graduate studies are offered through Revealed Word University, which is also a division of Strategic Missions.

Ways to study

We offer correspondence courses, so that students can study wherever they are, whenever they want to. All communication and materials are via email.


Campuses are established primarily but not solely at Churches. We train leaders on how to manage a campus and certify them so that they can use the materials supplied by us to train students. We strive to maintain high quality standards at affordable prices.

Our programs are straightforward and easy to implement. Campuses are required to adhere to certain quality standards. This also helps us to maintain our accreditation. The regulations are not burdensome or time consuming. To be successful it is especially important to follow certain procedures.  We are striving to maintain high standards and offer students quality training, which will equip them to become competent Ministers of the Gospel.

Dual Certification

Students who graduate from RWBC South Africa receive dual certification.
South African students who successfully complete their studies are granted certificates of accomplishments from Strategic Missions. We do not issue degrees.

All degrees are granted by virtue of equivalence and are issued automatically by Revealed Word Bible Institute, a division of International Missions Sheridan Wyoming United States of America.


This is an important part of certification, as it means that if a college is accredited it meets the minimum standards set by an accreditation agency. Minimum standards mean that there is accountability, that certain criteria are met, that there is good record keeping and that the college has outside recognition.

In the United States, accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. Governmental agencies never provide theological or ministry accreditation. Additionally, there is no absolute ‘national’ standard for educational accreditation since the educational world is currently re-examining criteria for accreditation, focusing less on institutional inputs and more on educational outcomes.