RWBC Fellowship of Bible Colleges (FBC)

Taking top quality accredited bible training to the people where they are.

FBC is a voluntary fellowship of likeminded independent Bible Colleges, which fulfil the Great Commission by assisting Churches to establish and manage independent Bible Colleges. We share Biblical teaching resources with our members, so that they can effectively train their members to become ministers of the gospel, who bring in the end-time harvest and make disciples of them.

Many people who desire to be trained at a Bible College never get the opportunity to do so, because of financial reasons and other commitments. Often people must travel vast distances and spend huge amounts of money to be trained. By partnering with the local church, we can train more people at a much lower cost.

We share our knowledge and experience, helping independent Churches to structure and establish Bible Colleges.

Who We Are
Revealed Word Bible College was founded in 2014 as a division of International Missions, a missions organization focused on evangelism. We train people to become effective ministers, by partnering with Churches who run independent bible Colleges. Through sharing resources and know how, we help to fulfil the Great Commission. We are certified by The Christ for the Nations Institute Association of Bible Schools in Dallas Texas up to bachelor’s in biblical theology.

Benefits of Partnering with RWBC

The campus is your college. You operate from your premises.
Our teachings are relevant, simple, and practical. Students are equipped to do the work of ministry.
Affordable Fees, more people can study, and we offer financial assistance to those who want to study but can’t afford to.
Your Church uses your own facilitators. You appoint your people to facilitate training. We train and certify them.
Interactive teaching. We do not do lectures but instead do teachings which are broken up into sections, followed by classroom discussions. This produces an enhanced learning experience. Students retain more information and can express their opinions and enjoy the interaction.
Minimised Administration. This frees everyone to be able to do the ministry work instead of being bogged down in administration.

Start your own Bible College or Campus

We help you set up and structure your classes, plan your semesters, handle the administration, assist with developing advertising material for marketing your college, brainstorm ideas with you, help you with student applications, how to facilitate classes and grow your campus. It’s a lot of hard work and fun.

We have successfully set up colleges in Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda.

If you are a Christian leader or Pastor a church and would like to partner with us and find out how you could be trained to facilitate your own campus or run your own bible college we would like to hear from you.

We train facilitators to work with students. A facilitator does not lecture or preach to students, the role of a facilitator is to assist the student and empower them to think for themselves. Our campuses are professionally operated, their principals and facilitators are strictly accountable to the faculty for the efficient and ethical running of their campus.

The beauty of starting a Bible College where you are makes it easier for your congregation or for people in your community to have world class education available to them, on their doorstep. Having colleges close to your hometown or community enables people to enjoy top quality international education without having to outlay huge sums of money to travel to a different town to study, or pay for accommodation, or outlay large amounts of money on textbooks.

Students who complete their studies are then encouraged to go out and start their own campuses and continue to disciple and facilitate and bring in the ‘harvest’.

There is a strict process that we go through with you in order to maintain a high code of conduct and accountability to protect and uphold our international accreditation.

To find out more, please email our Chancellor on

The first step to setting up your own Bible College is to register with us: